Wedding Calligraphy

Being engaged is one of the sweetest periods of life (and not just because of wedding cake tastings!) You’re in for a truly special season of nurturing your love for your future spouse and creating a handcrafted, sentimental day to celebrate the beautiful journey of marriage. Take a moment to kiss your love, hug your family and friends and get ready for one of the most memorable days of your life. I’m honored to walk alongside you throughout your engagement to bring your wedding vision to life through paper and ink. 

Calligraphy envelopes, day-of paper goods and signage

Calligraphy Envelope Addressing

Your wedding invitations and envelopes are the first touch point for your guests to get a taste of what to expect from your wedding. Each envelope is scribed by hand to match the theme of your wedding.

Set up Fee: $50.00/order

Outer Envelope: $5.00/envelope

Inner Envelope: $2.00/envelope

Return address: $3.00/envelope or flap

Classic envelopes are addressed staggered or left aligned in black ink at no additional charge

Return address stamp (keepsake): $100

Return address stamping: $0.25/envelope

Additional lines (such as apartment or suite number): $1.00/line

Envelope ink and inkpad coloring (colors other than black): $15.00/order

Opaque envelopes: $0.50/envelope

Centered or special address alignment: $0.50/envelope

Wedding Signage

Signs and seating charts are the cherry on top that pull your whole wedding together. As your guests mingle and stroll from the bar to the guest book, they’ll notice all the special touches you’ve added to make your wedding vision complete.

Set Up Fee (small and large): $30 / $60

Ink Color Other Than White:  $15/order

Seating Name & Table Assignment:  $2/name

Phrases or quotes:  $0.75/word

Illustration: Starts at $30

Mirror Rentals (small and large): $75 / $200

Christen designed our wedding invitations, and they were INCREDIBLE! She was so attentive to detail. Our custom design was so beautiful and reflective of who we are as a couple. She even incorporated specific types of flowers based on my preference! She is so very talented and a gem of a person. I recommend her work to everyone!
Allocco Design Norfolk, VA Calligraphy | Testimonial
Sarah L.